PICO RU 皮秒雷射
REAL PICO with 2.1GW peak power



What is pico RU?

laser with 1064nm ,532nm wavelengths.Used for dermis and epidermis pigment lesions and dark tattoo removal.


LIOB forms PLASMA with MLA handpiece
For skin rejuvenation, Acne, Wrinkles, Large pores

  • It can be seen that damage occurs below 200um, which is not affected by the epidermal layer.

  • The circle is identified as a damaged area involving a large amount of red blood cells and shows the regeneration process.

  • As shown in the figure, the formation of mature collagen and young collagen can be visually confirmed, and it can be seen that the papillary layer contains more young collagen than the reticular layer.


EDC(Electric Distribute Control)

EDC is a technology to enable uniform electric input no matter what the environment is ,it is very important and vital especially in place where the electric is not stable.

J-TEC(RUIKD  ONLY Temperature Effect Control)

Normally the energy would not stable if the temperature goes higher, J-TEC is a technology that controls the machine temperature doesn’t go beyond certain point , to have stable energy output.

BET(Better EMI Technology)

BET allows a stable wavelength for treatment by using a HV device in power supply chain to reduce and decrease the unwanted radiation noise occurs.

High Peak Power

Therapeutic Power at Depth
Delivering the highest peak power at every spot-size and pulse duration means dramatically reducing energy loss during scattering .Real power at depth translates into faster and more efficient treatments

Advantages- Quick guide

Click the treatment user needs,
Then it would automatically shown on the home screen ( the spot size have to be adjusted manually according to the Quick guide)